5 reasons you should consider a cloud-based POS system


How long have you been using your current POS system? Are you completely satisfied with the way you've been handling your transactions over the past few years? Today, as technology disrupts so many aspects of our lives, common processes have become enhanced or completely changed by innovation. One such innovation is cloud technology/cloud computing.

While traditional Point of Sale systems store sales data in an offline local server that's run on a closed internal network (much like files saved on your home computer), a cloud-based POS (also known as Software-as-a-Service or web-based system) is made up of solutions that are hosted on the web and store data on remote servers.

So, what benefits can be gained from transitioning to a cloud-based POS system? Should you stick to your ‘tried and true’ tools for handling sales? Here are several reasons why you may want to consider switching if you haven’t yet.

You can get better mobility

Cloud-based POS options bring mobility and flexibility to your business processes. Once the essential software has been installed on your machine, it can be accessed from pretty much any place and any device (including smartphones, tablets and laptops).

In contrast, traditional systems are only accessible once you are in the actual store. With cloud-based systems, staff can accept credit card payments and send receipts to customers' devices via e-mail. It’s the kind of accessibility that can help you keep tabs on your business from anywhere in the world.

You save on costs

In the long run, traditional POS systems require business owners to pay upfront fees that include hardware and software licenses as well as additional charges for maintenance, regular updates and training staff on the system management process.

Cloud-based POS systems, on the other hand, don't typically have any up-front or additional fees, relying instead on low monthly fees. What's more, a cloud-based system usually includes automatic updates and a user-friendly interface that staff can easily get comfortable with.

Improved customer experience

Cloud-based systems are in-line with the rise of mobile technology, which has effectively revolutionised commerce, particularly with regards to the foodservice industry. Cloud-based POS systems make use of mobility, enhancing the customer experience aspect. Turn time on tables are improved and servers can focus more of their energy on accommodating guests instead of struggling with managing all the orders that are coming in.

You can look forward to your service becoming more appealing to your visitors and to supporting mobile devices and mobile payments, with orders that get sent straight to the kitchen while storing information in a secure cloud system. Switching to a cloud-based POS system means that you can prioritise convenience and seamless processes.

Opportunities for integration

Cloud-based systems are primarily based online. This can help you take a more integrated approach to the software and hardware that you use in your business. These systems are often compatible with many other systems that range from accounting software and rewards or loyalty programs to mobile payment processors and more.

Traditional POS systems aren't as integrated as cloud-based systems since they often leave very little room for expanding on management capabilities.

It can actually increase security

People often cite security as a major problem with cloud-based POS systems since online capabilities often leave data vulnerable to malicious criminal intent. While this may be true in some regards, traditional POS systems aren't exactly safe from accidents either. In fact, if anything happens to the system in your store, all information is lost forever.

Cloud-based systems these days are highly secure, with data being stored on off-site servers that include around-the-clock security and many layers of protection. Besides, data is almost impossible to lose since everything is tracked and kept in the cloud. Your data doesn’t have to be compromised by one machine being destroyed or corrupted in your store.

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