3 traits of next-gen restaurant POS solutions


As technology continues to impact lives, the restaurant experience has been fundamentally transformed through a variety of additions. Retailers around the world feel the impact of digital disruption, with a whole host of brick-and-mortar establishments giving way to their online counterparts.

While restaurants may not be as greatly affected as some other businesses, challenges (as well as opportunities) abound.

Inventory management, payment processing, staff performance and operations. These are just some of the aspects that are shifting in substantial ways. Point of sales (POS) solutions have contributed to the survival of many restaurant businesses by equipping them with an array of technological capabilities. However, look around and you might find that next-gen restaurant POS systems are equipped with even more features that can help business owners thrive and stand out in a sea of competitors.

Here are a few integral traits to look out for when choosing a new restaurant POS system.


With the rise of mobile payments, enhanced app development and more, consumers can now purchase their goods while on the move. There’s a rising demand for mobility integration in virtually every prominent sector. It can be difficult to implement but the advent of cloud-based processes for POS systems can help restaurants better accommodate their customers. For many businesses, ‘the cloud’ is the preferred option when it comes to deployment and it can allow for speed, scalability and manageable scalability costs.

Furthermore, next-gen POS systems now let businesses use tablets for order and payment processing, offering diners an added layer of convenience. Mobility can directly translate to improved revenue and reduced overheads.


Many restaurant operators realise the power of the POS, especially in a day and age where having flexibility with regards to product offerings and services can make a difference. New, innovative payment methods are now available, whether chip credit cards or e-wallet apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet.

If your POS system can’t cater to new payment processes, that’s probably bad news. Consumers are beginning to transition towards a preference for a newer breed of flexibility and you should expect that next-gen POS systems will have the necessary solutions for a more integrated and multi-layered management experience, staying on track with security requirements, seamless inventory handling and flexible payment options.


Directions that follow future trends can often be unpredictable and swift and this is why customization should be seen as a crucial part of a restaurant owner's POS system. After all, you can’t definitively say what additions will be required down the line with regards to business management and customer experience.

So, next-gen POS systems should be built to be “futureproof” (to a certain extent), with the possibility of dealing with financial performance management. Advanced inventory and labour management tools, as well as improved performance and reporting, should also be priorities. Today, you can find POS solutions that have interfaces as well as process flows which can be personalised to accommodate the structure that works best for the restaurant owner.

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