Frequently Asked Questions

  • About us?

    Egulen was founded by KAIZEN Mongolia in 2013. Our team consists of experienced IT engineers with comprehensive knowledge and experience in cloud based systems, add-on developments, API integrations etc. The first version was created in 2013 and we continue to update our system to be more effective and visually appealing by carefully following the latest trends. Our globally released POS system’s team has 16 members locally and remotely.

  • Why should I choose Egulen POS?

    Our main focus is our customers. Therefore we continue to offer you the most effective and easy-to-use POS system for an affordable price for every type of business. We understand that every business starts of small and we are here to help you to grow your business from quick service restaurant to a large full-scale restaurants with multiple outlets. Sign up now to explore our POS system. And to fully use the system to your advantage please see our comprehensive guide of “Support Center” , where you can find step-to-step guide from how to customize your system to all the functions of finalizing bill. Let us be your reliable partner.

  • How much does Egulen POS System cost?

    Explore our website to choose the right version for your business. The pricing is available for you to see at pricing

  • Can I get a Demo of the Egulen POS System?

    Yes, in fact we encourage you to try the system before purchasing it. By this you can choose the right version for your business. Our free trial continues for 30 days. We will timely inform you before your free trial expires. To sign up please go to sign up

  • Is the system too difficult to learn?

    The system has a lot to offer. But we assure you that it is not difficult to learn. The types of employees will have different login section where a particular type of employee will only have the functions that they will use, nothing less and nothing more. Also we have our detailed guide on how to use the system
    support center

  • I own a small shop, do I need to use POS?

    A successful business is driven by actual data of its operation. By knowing what is happening to your business (KPI reports and analytics- key point indicators), implementing marketing tools through the system (e.g. by registering discounts), registering your product to your system for inventory/stock management to always be one step ahead and so much more. The best practice of any business is to make decisions based on your data regardless of the size your business.

  • How long does it take for me to set up the system and start using it?

    The process of setting up your system consists of the following:

    1. Download the application from App Store
    2. Connect your POS System to your hardware such as printers, cash drawer, barcode scanners etc. (this can take maximum of 2 hours)
    3. Key in all the necessary information to your POS System by the following guide: (Managing your POS link oruulah) (the average time period for this would be 2 hours)

    You can easily insert all the necessary data from your computer through our website or from the iPad either on or off-site. The whole process should take not more than 4-6 hours, depending on the size of your business. The bigger the business more information you would need to key in to the system. Please note that to have an accurate data of your business the initial process of setting up your POS is crucial.

  • There are free iPad POS why do I need to choose Egulen POS system and pay for subscription?

    There are free iPad POS systems available in the app store. But we strive to give you the full solution rather than just the software. Feel free to compare our app to different apps by signing up and using our app for 30 days for free. We aim to build a mutual beneficial partnership and provide the best services to our clients.

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