Adding flexibility and versatility to customer experience


In the digital era, customer demands can be numerous but so can the range of technological capabilities to assist restaurants and other businesses, helping them manage those demands. 
However, when establishments offer good meals in a great atmosphere to tackle the dilemmas of customer experience, it can become increasingly difficult for players in the in the food and beverage industry to stand out.

Here’s a piece of advice. Focus on strategy if you want to bring your restaurant towards a point of excellence in dealing with customer experience.

Superb customer service, attention to detail, loyalty building and other personal touches through initiatives laid out by a restaurant's management should all be part and parcel of the customer experience package. You should not be too rigid, however. Remain flexible when it comes to catering to the needs of customers.

Here are a few tips that could help you bring a sense of versatility and flexibility to how your restaurant handles customer experience.

Provide multiple options, for everything

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Understand that your customers' expectations include getting things with a few clicks on their mobile device. Restaurants should accommodate this as a growing part of the mindset of the market and rethink how they structure offerings and the options for receiving those offerings.

However, there are consumers out there that still enjoy personal interaction with employees/the brand at physical locations. In order to achieve this sense of versatility, it's important that brands harness technology and innovation to create multiple options, offering customers different ways to get the same product. This can be an incredibly crucial business element in 2019.

Consider incorporating self-service mobile apps

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One of the biggest trends that you might currently find in the F&B industry involves people expecting to be able to self-serve.

Many consumers are likely finding an appeal in paying by phone, preferring to use a mobile app and, as a direct result, this appears to make many brands prioritise the implementation of self-ordering kiosks.

Through relevant, customisable and convenient technology, it also provides an opportunity to personalise the customer experience and, aside from this, mobile ordering and self-serve kiosks could enable faster ordering, reduced costs and increased efficiency across the board.

Utilise integrated systems

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Consumer demands can be found related to things like food and restaurant space, which is why brands should seek to implement technology-driven solutions which offer integration at every step of the way. If you aren't using an integrated system, you may essentially be compromising on your ability to accurately track important data, save additional time and ultimately save costs.

Table management and POS systems under one cloud-based platform could help alleviate various issues, improve flexibility and prepare your business for the future.

Engage customers on various fronts

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In a world where avenues/channels of communication seem overwhelmingly abundant, brands should reach out to customers in more ways than one. Take to social media and engage with customers. Find out how you can provide better service. Respond to online inquiries (even if they are complaints) and actively publish new promotions, contests, offers or updates. This can not only supplement the customer experience but can also help others perceive your brand as being multi-layered and versatile.

At Egulen POS, you can choose from three different types of POS systems: myRestaurant, myCafe and myKiosk. We support multi-outlet, self-order and more. 

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