Effective POS design traits for quick service restaurants


Being a restaurant owner can be tough. Throw in the fast-paced processes and near-perfect time management of the QSR (quick service restaurant sector) and you might just feel like you’re in way over your head. 
Expect to have to update your menu regularly, launch frequent promotions and handle inventory seamlessly. You might find that traditional methods of QSR management, like printed or handwritten boards, can prove to be both labour-intensive and costly. This is made even worse if you've expanded your business into multiple locations.

So, what might the answer to snappier QSR management be?

Switch to digital signage, install digital screens at your various locations and implement effective POS capabilities featuring a robust CMS (content management system) for creating content and managing display schedules. The catch is that the QSR sector functions a little differently from conventional restaurants, meaning that an ordinary POS might not be as effective as you need it to be in order to handle your internal affairs as well as retain customers.

Here are several design traits that can help optimise your QSR management.

Use bold point-of-sale displays

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A bright, bold design for your restaurant's POS system's display can do wonders in terms of customer engagement. It can set you apart from the competition and also help with your business's branding. Use large, compelling fonts to match your products’ themes. Play with bright, contrasting colours that are captivating but not too overwhelming. Your POS display can function somewhat like a mini-interactive billboard. Make sure it catches attention.

Embrace interactivity

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The QSR game can be a fast-paced one.

It probably shares this trait with other online aspects of customer retention. When attention spans are at stake, think about using interactive, state-of-the-art components like QR codes and augmented reality which can really hook customers and draw them in.

Let people interact at your POS display using their mobile devices. This can lead to more seamless customer experiences. You could, for instance, post a QR code on your display which leads customers to a video offering more information about each product or upcoming promotions that might pique their interest.

Communication should be clear-cut

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The cost of human error can be a heavy one. Mistakes might occur on menu boards and lead to unhappy customers. Promotions can risk jeopardising your business too if communication is not clear-cut.

Digital displays have a part to play in helping to minimise the risk of errors (if features are pre-programmed to show the right offers and menus at the right time). Look for restaurant POS systems that can pull data from other sources (like social media or websites).

Expect that your customers demand clear, engaging in-store displays that can help them better understand your messages and take advantage of latest offers. QSR establishments seem to be in dire need of precise communication with regards to their POS designs.

Personalise your point-of-sale marketing

Design has the potential to drive sales in unexpected ways. By adding a touch of personalisation to their POS systems, QSR establishments can deploy unique and memorable elements. Use colours and images to divide different flavours, for example, and be mindful of the copy you use (instead of using "orange", use "for orange lovers").

Create outstanding visuals that keep customers on their toes by using interesting design elements. Segregate multiple product types and mix things up a little (based on shapes and colours for instance).

The QSR sector should, by its nature, be considered a creative one. Many people seem to forget that. Implement efficient technology and seamless POS system capabilities and don’t forget that design can be a good part of the essence of effective customer experience.

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